DURAPRESS Press Replacement Parts

Today’s leading press makes demand maintenance with only the highest quality replacement parts.
The DURAPRESS range has been developed with quality and performance as the highest criteria, whilst being a value for money source of replacement parts which may not otherwise be economically purchased within your marketplace.

• Grippers for feeder and delivery systems
• For use on Heidelberg range of presses including GTO, MO, KOR, KORA, KORD 62, KORD 64, KORS.
• Available with standard steel, rubber and polyurethane tips
• Gripper for other press makes and models available on request.

(Or Ink Fountain Blades)
• OEM specification product for controlling flow of ink through the duct to the Ink Duct Roller
• Manufactured in precision, hard-wearing, steel and available with or without backing/ mounting plate
• Zonal Ink Duct Blades available for many models, which allows zonally defined adjustment of the ink profile at the Ink Duct Roller
• Available for leading press makes which include
Heidelberg, Fuji, Giebler, Goss, Harris, KBA, Komori, Miller, Morgan, Muller, Nebiolo
Invicta, Roland and Solna.

INK DUCT END SEALS for use on Varn Kompac units
• Pair of left and right seals manufactured in Teflon and Felt for use on Varn Kompac system
• 4 sizes produced in high quality PTFE compound to exact specification to ensure 100% seal of the duct
• Available for press make Heidelberg GTO 46 and 52, MO, Roland, Praktica 00, 01, Ryobi, Adast Dominant, Rotaprint, Gestetner, Oliver Sakurai, Hamada, Multilith, AB Dick, Chief and more.

• Hickey Pickers/Removers for removing hickeys (contaminants)
from printing plates.
• The extensive DURAPRESS range is manufactured
from high quality steels, rubber, polyurethane and plastic materials.
• Product design and manufacture incorporatesOEM specifications
• Combination of developed raw materials and
production process optimises product performance and ensures
that the product is inert to corrosion while in use.
• Available to suit many press makes and models including
Heidelberg, KBA, Planeta, Komori, Miller, Fuji Shinohara, Oliver
Sakurai, Ryobi, Roland, Mitsubishi, Akiyama and Miehle.


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