DURASUCKER Brushes for Printing Presses

In today’s printing industry there is a requirement for high quality brushes. They are an important component of many offset press sheet feeder, sheet steadier and press blanket wash systems. The Durabrush range of brushes has been specifically developed for these purposes to suit leading press makes.


The DURABRUSH range has three applications:

1. Brush Wheels for the feeder section used to ensure smooth transportation of the paper sheet across the feed board section.

2. Sheet Steadier brushes used to hold down the paper sheet before being lifted into the feeder section.

3. Blanket Wash brushes used as a component of the printing blanket wash process on Heidelberg SM102 and MAN Roland offset models.

DURABRUSH Feeder Wheels are available to suit the following press makes:
Heidelberg, Komori, Man Roland, Mitsubishi, Fuji Shinohara, Bobst Die Cutters, Miehle, Planeta, KBA, Miller.

• DURABRUSH Sheet Steadier or “hold down” brushes are available for use on an extensive range of press makes (see feeder wheels).

• DURABRUSH Blanket Wash brushes are available for Heidelberg SM102 models and Man Roland 300, 700 and 900 series presses.

• The DURABRUSH range is manufactured using the highest quality materials in both natural and synthetic fibres.
• Many of the brushes in the DURABRUSH range are made to the specification of OEM and all types take this into account in product design.
• There are many brushes used in the printing process. Items not shown in the DURABRUSH list may be produced to order, to meet the specification required.
• Specific natural and synthetic brush fibres are selected to suit the brush application whether for use with paper, board, or on feeder, hold down and blanket wash applications.
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