DURAPRESS Anti Marking Nets

The Durapress Anti-Marking Nets and Underjackets are SUPER BLUE a leading market brand of anti-marking nets and under jackets developed to obtain high performance and quality required worldwide.

SUPER BLUE nets and base jackets – manufactured as per original US patent.
• Nets are available in bags of 6 pieces or rolls of 6 sheets, boxed in original US patent packaging.
• Base jackets are sold individually or as a press set.
• Velcro format in hook and a loop, in rolls
23metres length x 16mm wide


SUPER BLUE Anti Marking Nets for use on the transfer cylinder
• Base Jackets used on the transfer cylinder underneath the anti marking nets
• Velcro used for fixing anti marking nets in place

DURAPRESS Anti Marking Nets to prevent ink “pick up” as paper moves through the transfer cylinder. The base jacket is fitted around the transfer cylinder and the SUPER BLUE net is placed over the top. When the cylinder rotates it creates an air pocket between the base jacket and the net. This allows the paper to pass through without smudging. The net is treated so it does not absorb liquid.

ORIGINAL - Blue base jacket and plain unstretched net.
ORIGINAL WITH STRIPE - Blue base jacket and unstretched net with stripe. Original Blue base jackets are used but the nets have the advantages of the antistatic stripe. The Original net with stripe can be used with both the blue and black base jackets.
SUPER BLUE 2 - Black base jacket and prestretched  STRIPENET. The black jackets discharge static by the use of conductive material. STRIPENET nets have a conductive thread to aid the reduction of static.
This net is pre-stretched and precision cut with no elasticity, which makes it easier to install and to retain its shape and position during operation. STRIPENET nets must be used with SUPER BLUE 2 Black base jackets.

SUPER BLUE Original Blue Base Jackets

• The SUPER BLUE system offers a range of anti marking nets to suit many presses. Heidelberg is the most common as the system was originally designed for these machines. Many other presses can be adapted to use SUPER BLUE Anti Marking nets, including Aurelia, Komori, Miehle, Multi Eagle, Omsca, Shinohara and Solna. Further details are available on request.
• An antistatic anti marking system has been created for the Komori Lithrone 20”, 26” & 40” called SUPER BLUE 2 disposable.
This system offers the same features as SUPER BLUE 2 and is fully disposable.
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